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13 pcs Wallet set

Our price: $494.95


14 pcs multi selected purse set

Our price: $499.95


16 pcs Daisy & Butterfly purse set

Our price: $599.95


2 cm Round Sticker 300pcs per pack

Our price: $24.95


A beautiful silver band ring adorned with a adorable charm. Includes 6 Styles of Rings, 4 pcs per Style.Total of 24 pcs ring + 12 ring boxes + 1 display stand.

Our price: $594.95


A heart box set of beautifully designed confectionary cakes and sweets. Each adorable charm can be attached onto a charm bracelet. 12 sets, 2 of each style. 6 silver & 6 gold braclets included.

Our price: $539.95 12 sets, 2 of each Style


Keyring with Deliciously Adorable Confectionary Charms

Our price: $869.95


Pack of 10 Designs Small Canvas Bags

Our price: $99.95 Per Pack


Personalised Rings each containing a unique charm.Carton contains: 24 Styles of rings, 4 pcs per style.Total of 96 pcs rings + 1 display Stand.

Our price: $1089.95


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